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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Rabbit Hunting

Layne and Dave surveying the valley

Me and Dave...locked and loaded

Absolutely perfect day.

Layne and his toy

My first

The Look of Success!

Spent a day trip to the Denali Highway looking for ptarmigan (a hen-like bird). Didn't have any luck with the birds, but a side trip to Healey landed us some rabbits. My goal was to get my first "kill." I finally (and I do mean finally) succeeded with a rabbit. It was an awesome day. Perfectly clear, no wind, and good company.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Boys' Science Fair Projects

Knik Elementary Science Fair

Kace helping out at the Haiti Relief Fund Raiser

Kace's Experiment: Citrusity
He made batteries out of a Lemon, a Lime, and a Grapefruit to see which produced the most electricity.

Karter's "EggSperiment"
He demonstrated the difference between Fresh Water and Salt Water density with an egg.

The Knik Elementary Science Fair was a good experiment in children and parent bonding. Kace and the 5th Graders were required to do an experiment, while Karter's 3rd grade class had the option. Both projects turned out, and though a challenge to do 2 science fair projects, were a good experience for the boys. 

Kendra Honor Choir

Mat-Su Borough School District
Middle School Honor  Choir

After the Concert....

Kendra made the Honor Choir again this year. Choir members from all Mat-Su Borough Middle Schools tryout for the Honor Choir, so we are very proud of Kendra. She made it last year as an Alto and her goal this year was to make it as Soprano, which she did.