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Monday, September 6, 2010

Alaska State Fair: 2010

Alaska State Fair 2010
Mom and Boys at the Alaska State Fair
Dad and Boys at the Alaska State Fair
Kace and Dad in the Gravitron (Karter and Mom taking picture) was the boys' favorite ride
Karter and Dad in the Squirrel Cage
"You boys sure you're ready?"
I'm Flyiiiiiiiiiiing!
Kace showing Karter some brotherly love in the Bumper Cars.
Munching on some Fair food
Never know who you're gonna run into at the Fair! Cousins: Dawson, Caden and Ava (with the Shark attack).
(L-R) Kace, Karter, Caden and Dawson ready for a spin
Caden (left) and Kace (right)
Karter, Kace (trailing) and Dawson taking a slide
Farmer Karter
The Boys
Mom & Dad after a long day at the Fair

Calli and I took the boys to the Alaska State Fair. (The girls went with Grandma & Grandpa during their visit). It was buddy day so we let the boys play hooky from school (oops), and spent the day at the Fair. The Gravitron was by far the ride of choice, as the boys rode it repeatedly. Got to spend some time with their cousins Dawson and Caden, and Uncle Dave and Aunt Jessica. Also ran into Uncle Craig and Aunt Becca with cousin Ava at the Duck Pond! The weather cooperated with us and we ended up having a long, fun day at the Fair.