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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Hatcher's Pass

Karter and Kace picking blue berries
Going blueberry picking.
Celina, Kenni, Kace and Karter
Grandma & Grandpa with the Kids at Little Susitna River up Hatcher's Pass.

Grandma pointing the way to the berries!

Grandpa looking for blueberries

Kendra, surveying the landscape

Celina and Grandma finding the blueberries

Karter with the look of success!

Took my parents and the kids up Hatcher's Pass in search of blueberries. We were taking them, although in reality it was the first trip for all of us! Ended up taking an impromptu hike, but the group was game. We got off the beaten path and into some blueberries. Weather held out just long enough that evening to have an awesome drive in, and walk around. The blueberries were a bonus to an already great evening!

Fishing with my Mom

Mom casting into the river...

Could not have asked for a more beautiful day, and scenic backdrop...

Fishing like she's been doing it for years!

Mom, just moments after catching her first salmon!

Mom's First Salmon!

From the time my parents started planning their vacation to Alaska, my Mom kept telling me that she had to catch a fish. She insisted I would take her fishing and she would catch a fish. After going fishing early in the week with my Dad, I finally got the opportunity to get out with Mom & Dad and try some river fishing for salmon. The day was perfect, the weather was clear, and the Tail Race is an easily accessible area that also has a beautiful backdrop for fishing. My Mom wasted no time at all taking advantage....

We got to our spot on the river, I handed Mom and Dad a pole, showed them the basics and was reeling in my second cast when I heard: " I GOT ONE...I GOT ONE..." Mom was standing, more bouncing up and down, with the biggest smile a son could ask for. She was giddy, laughing, yelling, and there at the end of her line was a Salmon, hooked in the mouth and flopping in the water. I was stunned, shocked, and full of pride and happiness for Mom.

I can't express the blessing it has been getting to experience Alaska with my parents. Not only get out and show them the things we do, but to also have them experience it first hand. To go fishing with Dad, and also with my Mom, and to see them catch fish, and feel that excitement has been awesome.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Fishing with my Dad

Father and Son gone Fishing!

Dad and Calli docked in Whittier, Alaska



Calli and her Dad

Captain Layne showing us how its done!!!

Layne netting Dad's first Silver!!!

Dad's first salmon

Dad with a Quillback Rockfish

Jeff and his "Big But."

Dad and me with my halibut!

Calli and Jeff taking in the scenery of the island we anchored up at for the night.

Anchored in the bay of an island.

Craig and Layne fishing for Lingcod

Calli and her Starfish, they were all over the bay we stayed in.

Calling it a day...

The Fishing Queen!
Cleaning and packaging our haul...

Calli, her dad Layne, brother Craig; and me and my Dad, got to take a fishing trip to Prince William Sound. My Dad has never been to Alaska, and got the experience of a lifetime, and a little unexpected excitement. After finishing day 1 of a 2 day trip, we anchored up in a bay on one of the many islands in the sound. We had dinner and called it a night...hours later the excitement started.

My Dad woke up at 4:00 am, and his throat had started swelling shut making it hard to breathe, he needed immediate medical attention, and at 4am the Sound was covered in blackness and fog. Visibilty was impossible, and being that we were 4 hours away from any dock, the situation was very serious. We contacted the Coast Guard with the on-board radio. They planned to launch a helicopter to our position, and have Dad medivac'd to Valdez, Alaska. Shortly after taking off the copter had a mechanical failure and had to return to base. The situation, which was already urgent, got just a lot worse. Another boat picking up our transmission suggested catching a float plane. Unfortunately with no guarentees and time of the essence, Layne made the decision to power up and bulldog it back to Whittier. The paramedics met us at the Whittier dock and took Dad to Providence Hospital in Anchorage. He made it to Anchorage and after getting treatent was released. he is Ok now, but definitely gave us all a scare.

We were very blessed to have such an awesome day of fishing Friday, and I was very thankful that Dad got to have that experience before cutting the trip short. We definitely look forward to having the opportunity again someday!