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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Car Wreck

Calli walked away from this wreck with a fractured thumb, and a torn tendon in her hand. Currently she is doing physical therapy to avoid surgery on her hand. Overall she is very blessed. She came over a blind hill on the highway and barely braked before hitting a car that had stopped in the middle of the road. That driver was cited for not having a license. Our car was a total loss, but was fully insured, another blessing in itself!!!

Kace Cross Country Meet

And they're off! Kace's team, Knik Kings, in green to the right of pack.
Kace running with the pack at the start (Green)

Kace coming up and passing another runner on the home stretch.

(Kace and Dawson)

Kace competed again this year in Cross Country. Last year he finished 74th...he set a personal best this year, finishing first for his school in his race, and top 15 overall out of about 85. We were so proud as he came out of the woods in a small pack behind the leaders. It was awesome to have our nephew Dawson there this year also, and Aunt Jessica and Uncle Dave cheering on as well.

Celina Homecoming Dance

Our oldest daughter, Celina went to her first High School Dance, Homecoming. Her Aunt Becca and Mom helped her get ready while Dad paced in the living room, feeling very old. Her first boyfriend, Austin, picked her up with his mom. He was very polite, and even called me "sir"...I almost died!

Monday, September 28, 2009

Moose Camp

(Ducks flying over the lake)


(Dave and Craig leaving camp)

(Dave spotting from the ridge at sunset)

This was my first moose hunting trip, and with the exception of not getting a moose, it was absolutely amazing. I spent four days with my brother-in-laws, Dave and Craig, in the some of the most beautiful country I have ever seen. My father-in-law Layne dropped us off with his airboat. Dave brought his Crawdad for us to navigate around the lake. We had a premium viewing area as we set up camp on a raised peninsula on the lake. From camp we could survey nearly 360 degrees of moose country. We spotted 6 bulls over the weekend, but none that were legal for harvesting. The weather was amazing, but unfortunately that was not a good thing for hunting moose. It was still an amazing experience and a great time with my Bro-in-laws!

Moose Country

Salmon Fishing

Had the opportunity to take a few fishing trips this year...King Fishing is still a test of patience, and I have yet to be successful. Silver fishing was good this year. Brought the kids out a couple times. Brought them all to Jim Creek with their cousins and Uncle Dave...good place for them to "learn" how to fish. Dave and I were able to have a good trip down the Little Su also. I got to break in my new silver pole, and did just that with a nice looking silver. Unfortunately that was the first and last silver that pole caught...I snagged up in some trees a few casts later and in the process of yanking on my pole the line broke and the top half of my pole launched into the trees!

Thunderbird Falls

Calli and I took the boys hiking up Thunderbird Falls. It was another hot day in an unseasonably warm summer, so we took an afternoon hike.

120 lb Halibut

Halibut Fishing in Prince William Sound. Was being completely outfished on Day 1, all I could catch was the bottom of the ocean, snagging constantly, and even losing an entire rig. Day 2, Layne and I were up early, after getting on the board with a couple Little Butts, I hit what i was sure was another snag. Quickly i discovered it was no snag. After being harpooned and shot twice I finally had my 120lb Halibut.

On the way home we were entertained by a whale...just another day in the Sound.