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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

PWS 2013

Had another great trip to Prince William Sound. Weather was perfect, water was like glass, and we caught lots of fish! We were able to limit out on Salmon and Halibut both days! 
Packed and ready to set out at daylight for Whittier!

Calli giving me a boost!
Karters halibut!
Calli and a nice Coho (Silver Salmon)
Working a halibut on a beautiful day, with an awesome backdrop!
My girls... and .... My Girls

Beautiful Silver! 
Karter getting a silver in the boat!
Calli after landing the first Halibut of the trip!
Kendra smooching after mooching and bright silver!
Kace with the biggest silver - huge girth and a hog of a fish!
Celina hooking a bright shiny silver!
Celina and one of her halibut
Kendra taking a break from jigging to pose with Dad.
Kace reeling in a halibut for the cooler!
Waiting for the fish to bite!
Celina getting a hand from Grandpa Channer!
Nice eater! No Big Buts but all nice fresh fish!
Celina getting her reel work out
Thinking of fish and taking in the view
Calli getting her pole bent by a halibut
Kace getting ready to set a hook
Getting their game face on
Grandpa Channer, the Captain

Friday, July 19, 2013

Dipnetting Duff

Took dipnetting trip to Kenai. First time and it was an experience. Lot of work but also a lot of fun.

Packed and ready for a Fishin Mission
Sun setting on Day 1 of dipnetting. Hit a good run and netted 27 salmon in 3 hours.
Camped right on the beach, which was a tent city of fishing camps.
Record day of Salmon entering the Kenai River...which led to commercial boats flooding the fishery.
Less than 24 hours out of the water and packaged and processed back at the Fish house!

Monday, July 1, 2013

Hiking Duff's

Took a day and hiked Thunderbird Falls, and then The Butte for the first time. The Butte was NOT an easy hike, but the view was worth the pain to get a 360 degree panoramic of Palmer and Wasilla. Even if it took a second trip to get to the top. Great kick off to Spring!

Seattle Duff

Spent a couple days in Seattle...had a chance to take in a Mariners game (Felix Hernandez pitched) and checked out the waterfront and market. Good couple days.