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Monday, September 28, 2009

Salmon Fishing

Had the opportunity to take a few fishing trips this year...King Fishing is still a test of patience, and I have yet to be successful. Silver fishing was good this year. Brought the kids out a couple times. Brought them all to Jim Creek with their cousins and Uncle Dave...good place for them to "learn" how to fish. Dave and I were able to have a good trip down the Little Su also. I got to break in my new silver pole, and did just that with a nice looking silver. Unfortunately that was the first and last silver that pole caught...I snagged up in some trees a few casts later and in the process of yanking on my pole the line broke and the top half of my pole launched into the trees!

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  1. That blows I have done that here in Utah fly fishing and in Canada casting the shore line.