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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Car Wreck

Calli walked away from this wreck with a fractured thumb, and a torn tendon in her hand. Currently she is doing physical therapy to avoid surgery on her hand. Overall she is very blessed. She came over a blind hill on the highway and barely braked before hitting a car that had stopped in the middle of the road. That driver was cited for not having a license. Our car was a total loss, but was fully insured, another blessing in itself!!!


  1. Wow! You certainly don't mess about with fender benders. That's about as smashed of a car as I've seen. Glad to hear there were no major injuries. What sort of car was that to begin with?

  2. It WAS a Mitsubishi Mirage, and it WAS paid off. Lucky I'm lazy and never changed the insurance coverage!

  3. hey i did the same thing with my Mitsubishi mirage an i was lucky too but stupid an did not go to the hospital you should see my