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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Fishing with my Mom

Mom casting into the river...

Could not have asked for a more beautiful day, and scenic backdrop...

Fishing like she's been doing it for years!

Mom, just moments after catching her first salmon!

Mom's First Salmon!

From the time my parents started planning their vacation to Alaska, my Mom kept telling me that she had to catch a fish. She insisted I would take her fishing and she would catch a fish. After going fishing early in the week with my Dad, I finally got the opportunity to get out with Mom & Dad and try some river fishing for salmon. The day was perfect, the weather was clear, and the Tail Race is an easily accessible area that also has a beautiful backdrop for fishing. My Mom wasted no time at all taking advantage....

We got to our spot on the river, I handed Mom and Dad a pole, showed them the basics and was reeling in my second cast when I heard: " I GOT ONE...I GOT ONE..." Mom was standing, more bouncing up and down, with the biggest smile a son could ask for. She was giddy, laughing, yelling, and there at the end of her line was a Salmon, hooked in the mouth and flopping in the water. I was stunned, shocked, and full of pride and happiness for Mom.

I can't express the blessing it has been getting to experience Alaska with my parents. Not only get out and show them the things we do, but to also have them experience it first hand. To go fishing with Dad, and also with my Mom, and to see them catch fish, and feel that excitement has been awesome.

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