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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Hatcher's Pass

Karter and Kace picking blue berries
Going blueberry picking.
Celina, Kenni, Kace and Karter
Grandma & Grandpa with the Kids at Little Susitna River up Hatcher's Pass.

Grandma pointing the way to the berries!

Grandpa looking for blueberries

Kendra, surveying the landscape

Celina and Grandma finding the blueberries

Karter with the look of success!

Took my parents and the kids up Hatcher's Pass in search of blueberries. We were taking them, although in reality it was the first trip for all of us! Ended up taking an impromptu hike, but the group was game. We got off the beaten path and into some blueberries. Weather held out just long enough that evening to have an awesome drive in, and walk around. The blueberries were a bonus to an already great evening!

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